HTML Email

I love coding emails, and I'm probably the only developer you've ever heard say that.\n\nHTML email coding is a notorious tricky practice. HTML in web browsers is coded to conform to a specific set of standards which are agreed by the W3C consortium, such as the HTML 5 standard. This means that both web browsers and website code agree that any given bit of code should behave in the same consistant way.\n\nWhen it comes to HTML email there is no standard, it's every man, woman and child for themselves. This creates a very complicated problem in that any piece of code will behave differently in different email clients. Further to this, because there is no \"standard\" there is no \"rule book\" developers can refer to. To make things worse email clients are constantly changing their own rule book, so a standard today could mean something else for another email client tomorrow.\n\nAll of this makes the task of coding HTML emails a very challenging one. It requires traits of persistance, the right tools to test rendered email assets, and the changing knowledge of how one piece of code can agree to everyone's different rule books.\n\nI've been working with HTML email for 7 years (at time of writing in 2019). I've learnt how to use the best tools in the industry to produce consistantly rendered email assets, how code limitations need to inform design choices, and how best to use this knowledge to build and deliver quality emails in reasonable and realistic timescales.\n\nIf you're interested in how I can help your business through HTML email coding, please get in touch via my contact page.