Senior React Native Engineer

May 2023 - December 2023

Salve is a medtech startup, helping patients journeying through infertility treatment. Through their innovative mobile app, they integrate and transform the complexities of clinics EMR systems into a patient-friendly platform. The app provides timely medication reminders, video calling, in-vitro fertilisation processes, instant messaging to name but a few of the many features.As a senior React Native & node full-stack engineer in a med-tech scale-up, I worked fully-remotely alongside other remote engineers in a sizable team to build and assist in full-stack development of the mobile app, bringing my experience of React Native development to a team lacking that specific skill set.My project focus was a large-scale system refactor to support multi-account / multi-site authentication for fertility patients who often travel between multiple clinic sites for a variety of medical treatment. Further to this, I worked alongside other engineers to assist in react-native specific issues and provide ongoing support to the team.As an experienced mobile engineer, I worked alongside product owners, the tech lead, and other senior stakeholders to research, advise and shape business requirements as we journeyed through uncovering them together. Often working in ambiguity in the rapid scale-up company, I routinely took initiative to reach out to other engineers and product owners to reshape or raise issues, as the product development progressed.

BBC Maestro

Lead React Native Engineer

June 2022 - May 2023

BBC Maestro provides on demand video based courses from the leading figures in their field. Historically, this has been confined to their web platform which meant their mobile and tablet users weren't able to access their content easily on the move, harness the full potential of their device, and were limited in capabilities.As the lead React Native engineer on this green field project, I brought my experience building mobile applications to the company needing a mobile expert to expand their core business offering - placing their platform in their user's pockets.I owned the technical development of the project, working closely with the CTO, product owner, designer and other stakeholders, I was able to bring a robust, scalable feature-complete application through testing and bug-fixing, ready for public launch, before handing off the project to the new perminant developers who will continue project maintainance.


Lead React App Engineer

June 2021 - June 2022

CareScribe is fast becoming the UK's leading provider of accessibility software, and is drastically leveling the playing field for students with accessibility needs. Caption.Ed, now their flagship product, provides students the ability to live-transcribe zoom meetings, in-person lectures and other media into an live-rolling and editable transcript. Users can record a series of different notes to help then study and revisit key moments.As the lead, and sole engineer for the majority of the project, I was brought onto the team to own and lead development of the company's flagship product. Working with the CTO, Tech Director, UX team, & designer, I planned and undertook a complete green-field refactor of their existing product, creating a robust and scalable base for the future, whilst creating a catelogue of competition crushing features.As the project reached maturity, and the company acquired perminant engineer staff, I worked with the new Lead Engineer to complete the product, add robust automated testing, and release the product to market.

Janssen, Johnson & Johnson

Brandcast Health

React Native & Laravel Full-Stack Engineer

March 2021 - June 2021

Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson company, provide a variety of pharmaceutical services and research around the world. Part of their services incudes cancer research and tools to connect oncology doctors with Janssen's world leading experts. One such tool is a ExpertOnCall - an app which enables live video call consultations between cancer surgeons and Oncology experts.As the lead and sole React Native & Laravel full-stack engineer on this brown field project, I was brought on board to bring my full-stack & mobile skills to the agency; lifting an 3 year-old defunct React Native, Angular & Laravel full-stack project back to life, and create additional features.As the company had limited experience with React Native development, I worked in a project lead capacity, where I liased between the Project Manager, the wider development team and other stakeholders to advise on process, upgrade the app and server to the latest long-term-support versions, and build a handful of new features.I lead the project through to their client's testing phase before handing off the project to the agency's development team who will begin to acquire the skills needed to maintain the application. The app is routinely used daily by thausands of Oncology Doctors in Saudi Arabia.

Hargreaves Lansdown

PHP Engineer

May 2019 - March 2021

Hargreaves Lansdown, a FTSE 100 company, is entrusted with £120 billion of UK wealth with 1.7 millions clients. They offer a large variety of financial products, from stock & shares to pensions and portfolios, there's a reason why they are the number one financial institute for private investors.As a senior engineer, I joined HL's Active Savings department, working in complex capacity between 2 departments and code infrustructure, my role was to build the integration layer between these large & complex systems to enable delivery of HL's new Cash ISA product.I owned the technical development of the integration layer, working with both Active Savings's wider team, and the general engineering teams. I had to innovate and proactively seek out various individuals through this large organisation to overcome complex integration challenges, and present them to my agile team to enable business to accurate forcast delivery and bring confidence to stakeholders.